We are a business focused on people working in groups, providing efficient solutions.

Goldberg Research and Consultancy is a business specialized in organizational change. We focus on people working in groups. Because people value things differently, it gets complicated when drastic changes are made. Rapid decisions are taken. Not everybody agrees. And people struggle to work together.

Through ethnovention - continuously analyzing and intervening with positive changes - we discover obstacles and find suitable solutions for the organization. We listen to get an in-depth understanding of employees and their day-to-day routine. We are attentive to all levels of the organization and we give grounded advice, at the same time empowering and activating employees and making improvements together.


Culture Scan

What defines the culture of the company? What do employees value and how do they behave? And how does this impact the company’s goals and results? A culture scan will give you many new insights in the identity of your organization.

Employee Satisfaction

What do your employees say about working for your company? How do they view leadership, communication and their career opportunities? What can they contribute to the organization? Employee satisfaction surveys are often done by filling in standardized forms. We measure employee satisfaction by openly discussing work experiences with people. We let them explain how they view the employee-employer relationship and why. This results in the most helpful feedback on the well-being of your company.

Standardization Audit

Getting everybody to work in a harmonious way is not easy, even when using popular models like BPR (Business Process Reengineering) and ISO 9001. We check how people use set working methods by focusing on the underlying dynamics. Are processes aligned? If not, why? And how can we improve employee performance? We make adjustments that are made to measure the organization and that will increase the quality and effectiveness of your company.

Midterm Reviews

In the fast paced workplace, people can get sidetracked from a project. We evaluate a project with a mid-term review based on the objectives that were initially set. Are the goals being met and how? How are people working together? What are best practices and what are bottlenecks? Together we streamline project goals, prioritize activities and help you make improvements.


Downsizing. Financial cuts. Mergers and acquisitions. Restructuring. And many more changes affect how people on all levels of the organization do things and which habits they develop. New hurdles for the company may arise: resistance, power struggle and internal division to name a few. We focus on employee values and we get people actively involved in the change process. Together we shape the new situation to make transitions go more smoothly.

Change Management Outsourcing

As a change consultant, we will help you find solutions that fit your organization. We can step in as a change manager for projects, while filling in during employee leave or on a specific assignment. We don’t use models, nor do we tell you how to run the business. Instead, we listen to employees on all levels and participate in the organization to give you lasting solutions.

Let's Work Together!


Our clients include: City Government Amsterdam
, Municipality of Uithoorn, Municipality of Woudenberg, Safe House Utrecht, Shell Gas Benelux. Here is what some of them have to say: